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Gallery of puppies

male "blue"




male "green"




male "orange"



male "red"




male "red-white"



male "white"




female "yellow"




female "white"




female "red"




female "pink"



female "blue"












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Zews Unreachables
Ch, JCh, Balkan Junior Winner 2018, HD-B, ED-0, vWd-clear, IPO 1
Efes Eto Ginga House
INT Ch, multi Ch, HD-A, ED-0, vWd-carrier, ZTP V1A, IPO 1
Oscar z Padoku
Ch, HD-1, ZTP SG1B, IPO 1
Yacheero's Pando Pandero
Ak-Yar Raya
Atina Ginga House
Sant Kreal Zeus
Carmen Cara Ginga House
Jamaha Unreachables
JCh, HD-A, vWd-clear
Dante delle Querce Nere
Ch, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP SG1A, ENCI 2
Pathos delle Querce Nere
Ca'stellamaris Corinne
Fanta Unreachables
Ch, HD-A (Serbia), HD-B (Germany), IPO 1
Urbano del Diamante Nero
Paloma del Nasi
Fort Bellators Petra
multi Exc1, HD-A, vWd-clear
Livonija Baron Amber Amulet
INT Ch, multi Ch, HD-B, vWd-clear, ZTP 1A, IPO 1, T-1
Oscar z Padoku
Ch, HD-1, ZTP SG1B, IPO 1
Yacheero's Pando Pandero
Ak-Yar Raya
Livonija Baronesa Pia Pandora
multi Ch, HD-A, IPO 1
Oksamit de Grande Vinko
Livonija Baronesa Kaelyn Kell
Savana Betelges
Junior World Winner 2013, Youth Winner of Serbian Winner Show 2013, Golden Doberman Slovakia Baby Class Club Winner 2012, HD-A, vWd-clear
Tahi-Réme Max
INT Ch, multi Ch, AIAD Champion 2014, HD-2, vWd-clear, ZTP V1B, IPO 3
Pride of Russia Ferro
Tahi-Réme Giniti
Xenia for Betelges del Nasi
multi class winner, HD-A
Ramon Betelges
Gloria del Nasi


The inbreeding coefficient of 8 generations is ... %.